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Dated: 09/05/2019

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Using our bathroom can be difficult at times and especially when we grow older.  We start losing the younger grip on our feet and it suddenly starts slipping. 

Seniors feel the pain in the joints but whenever we go to the bathroom, there is no place to grip on.  We require more space to move from here to there but it gets more difficult in a compact bathroom. It is very truly said that we grow old along with our home.

So just like it is important to shape our body, our bathroom also requires remodeling to make it look fresh and healthy to use.

There are several ways by which you can always remodel your house without any hassle at all.

Here is a complete guide on the Best Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for Seniors Safety which will help you to make it happen now!

How to Design a Bathroom for Seniors?

To design a standard bathroom for seniors, it is always important to understand their requirements. Ask them how comfortable they are at the toilet seat? How comfortable they are while using the shower? Is the floor good? To know more, follow these tips below.


Using the toilet is a difficult task for any senior to get used to. Not having things in place to not getting a grip can always be a challenging thing to consider. So try to make sure that you can remodel the toilet in such a way which will help you to solve all the essential problems. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Try to use a toilet safety rail. This helps every senior to get a familiar grip as and to keep the towels in the place. It is always important that seniors have a good grip while sitting or standing up from the toilet.

2. Expand the Toilet Seat. Seniors always find it more comfortable to sit on a toilet which has an enlarged seat. This gives a proper balance while they are about to sit or use the toilet.

3. Install Lever Faucets. Installing the lever faucets will give you great results. It gets rid of the traditional twisting and turning results. Level faucets mean that you only need to pull the lever for flushing. It becomes less complicated to use.

4. Raise the Height. Raising the height of the toilet for the seniors can always be beneficial for any senior. It gives a proper feet rest. Keeping the foot flat on the ground can always be important. So raise the toilet height according to the needs.

5. Choose a Bidet Feature. This feature helps any toilet to maintain the hygiene and the essentials as per as your requirements.


Using the showers and tub can be ideal for seniors for bathing. But, because of the floor and gripping issues, things may get a bit difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Make the Floor Non-Slip. Making the floor non-slip is very important for stepping into the bathtub. While remodeling your bathroom, you can install non-slip mattresses which will allow a better grip.

2. Install a Tub Cut in the Bathtub. If you have a standard bathtub, you can remodel it with a walk-in shower. This helps you to get big openings of the bathtub which means that you can always get better results.

3. Install Shower Seats. It may be very painful for seniors to keep standing for a long time in these showers. So you must install fold able shower seats which can be easily pulled.

4. Lower the Shower Head. Do not allow the shower head to be rise too much above for standing position. This is because the water splits out and eventually a lot of water is lost. So try to opt for such mechanisms for better results.


The floor is the most important part of any bathroom if you are willing to remodel. Making a perfect floor for seniors is never too difficult at all. But you need to make sure that the floor is perfect on all sides. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Change the Tiles. Often the fancy tiles in any bathroom may look worthy to install, but they may be harmful to any senior. Try to install floor tiles which are anti-slip in nature. Since friction is more, there are fewer chances of slipping.

2. Install Mats and Rugs. There are many shower mats and rugs available which you can use. They are mostly made up of foam which means that the product can easily soak in water. So it will leave your feet dry.

3. Make Proper Inclination. It is always important to make a proper inclination for the bathroom. This is because after taking a shower, the water on the floor automatically drains out. So the next time any senior enters the bathroom, they will not have any problems.

4. Choose Bright Colors. While choosing the tile colors, make sure that they are bright. This is because bright colors are better to see even if there are slight eye problems.


Installing bathroom sinks is also very important while you are remodeling the home. It naturally helps to wash faces, clean or even shave facial hairs along with multiple other benefits. But before you install, make sure to follow these tips.

1. Make sure the Sink has a Height. This is because it is too low, senior in-home may find it difficult to open up the water and collect it because of the back pain. So make sure that it attains a proper height to use.

2. Widen the Sink. Widening the sink is very important so that you can get sufficient space for washing your face. This is because even if the senior is unable to stand in the middle any wash the face, the water will not spill out.

3. Create an Extra Slab. Having the essential things in a closer region to the hand is very important. Probably the best place to keep the essential items will be on the slab of the bathroom. So make sure to extend the sinking slab and keep the things on it.

4. Maintain Proper Drainage. Short hair, facial hairs, and many things may always fall on the sink when you have a senior in your home. So make sure that you maintain proper drainage in the skin to avoid clogging.


Making the door or entryway easy to open should be the number one priority. Do not make it hard to open so that people inside your home may face a lot of difficulties. Here are some tips that you can add.

1. Change the Door Handle. Try to change the door handle and make it vertical. The vertical position gives seniors a better place to keep their arms. Install the handles in both faces of the door for better results.

2. Widen the Doorway. Giving an extra space for seniors to adjust is always a special treat. So try to widen the doorways which will allow them to easily enter the bathroom without any hassles or issues at all.

3. Place Rods behind the Door. Giving space for hanging the clothes is very important and you can use the door for it. You can purchase small rods on which it becomes easy for seniors to hang their clothes.

4. Install Shower Mats Just Before Exiting the Door. It is a great option to install shower mats just behind the door. It soaks in the wet feet and allows the seniors to move out of the bathroom without facing any problems.

5. Change the Knobs. Make the knobs easy to press and get the accuracy better. If the knobs are hard to rotate, seniors will find it even more difficult to control it. So make sure that it is worthy to use.


Having a modern design in your bathroom is a requirement of every household.  But it is also important to understand the space management of the bathroom. Only designing will not help. You need to have proper essentials for remodeling the bathroom.

1. Make Sure that you use Proper Space Management. We mostly may not have a large bathroom in every home. But to opt for space management is an ideal thing. You can opt for fold able chairs to save space and others.

2. Use the Inclination. Try to use the inclination towards the shower. This means that there should be drainage installed. So all the water gets away from the floor to the drainage leaving the rest of the bathroom clean!

3. Install Grips. Make sure that you follow the design with comfort. Even if you do not have much space to get in with the wheelchair, make sure that you can get grips in every wall. Even if they are small, it is important to install some.

‌4. Install Sufficient Lights. Make sure that the bathroom is bright enough for any senior to observe. This is because they may accidentally spill soap or shampoo on the floor. But it is important to avoid stepping over them.

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