its The Future Of Work

Open Campus ~ VirBELA ~ Free Discount Coupon Code for Team Rooms & More


It’s The Future Of Work ~ VirBELA Specialize in Collaboration; Training; and Custom Development using Virtual Reality and 3D immersive Technology


Ask us about the Open Campus & Team Rooms and how a Team Room can save you money and time as more people work remotely. Suitable for many different professions in Today’s World.


Our Company; eXp World Holdings; owns VirBELA, which is being used by many Businesses; Universities and the US Military, now it is available to the public in general, including all businesses; even our Real Estate competitors can have a Team Room to help them grow their business / organization.

VirBELA Overview:


Barry recently became a VirBELA Team Room Sales Affiliate  


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Here you can get started:  Download Open Campus:


Access Open Campus (Remember to use the discount code: 2wHdcCtW and receive 1 Month FREE TRIAL) :


This is a great add on for many of our Customers and Friends in this everchanging world; which we make smaller; easier; more efficent, & cooler to do business in.


We have more information on VirBELA and the Open Campus; please do not hesitate to ask should you need more, email thanks

Here is the:  VirBELA Knowledge Base

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