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09 / 06 / 2019 Update:

Good afternoon!  Below (and attached) please find your weekend ratesheet.


COMMENTARY: The Labor Department released its August nonfarm payroll report today and normally you’d expect with payrolls only increasing by 130,000 jobs, well below most economists’ expectations, rates would have dropped at least a bit.   Nada…!  Many experienced market participants tend to take the August payroll figures with a “grain of salt” because the data tends to skew lower than estimates because many of those responsible for reporting employment numbers to the government are vacationing during the survey period causing their reports to be delivered late.  The details contained in the broader report were a little more positive than the headline number might otherwise suggest.  The national jobless rate remained at 3.7%, the average workweek increased slightly and average hourly earnings were up 0.4%.  Taken as a whole and in context – today’s report was not nearly as week as some mainstream media sources tried to make it appear and the early little price surge in the mortgage market faded quickly.


Looking ahead to the coming week’s economic calendar, we look forward to Wednesday’s August Producer Price Index with most market watchers betting that inflation pressures at the gates of the nation’s farm and factories will remain unchanged from July levels.  On Thursday, the August Consumer Price Index will be released and this event will likely come and go without creating much of reaction from mortgage investors.  Finally, on Friday we’ll get a peek at the August Retail Sales report. The early call from economists suggests they are expecting a decent 0.4% gain for headline sales and a more modest 0.2% gain for the Auto component.  At these levels, this data will probably exert little, if any noticeable influence on the trend trajectory of mortgage interest rates.


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