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Please find the latest Mortgage Update from a member of our team: Will Dukes, one of the lenders who we always recommend, as he efficiently gets the job done so as to fully help our Buyers (& Sellers).  (Please compare Will's rates and terms with other lenders; always compare)

We can send you Will's most recent Rate Sheet separately, please email Barry@SWFLLuxury.Com  to request it, thanks.


12 / 07 / 2018 Update:


Today I publish your weekend ratesheet but more importantly, today is “a date which will live in infamy” as stated by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1941 (FDR’s recording is linked).  I have to wonder how long “infamy” lasts however.  When I opened the homepages of MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Google, CNN, Huffington Post and a few others this morning, not one story about Pearl Harbor leads the way…  For all who have served our nation, I sincerely thank you for that service and will always remember December 7th as an important date in our history.


Below (and attached) please find your weekend ratesheet.


COMMENTARY: After a volatile week in the mortgage market, this week hummed along in neutral as the November nonfarm payroll figures have come and gone without creating much of a Christmas mouse stir in the mortgage market.  It appears that the agreement between the US and China to continue discussions on tariff reform seems to be calming the waters for the mortgage market but it would be nice if the stock market would settle down a little bit also.  Think Yin and Yang for an explanation.


Looking ahead to the coming week, mortgage investors will get an eyeful with the November Producer Price Index data and its cousin the Consumer Price Index. These are followed by the November Retail Sales and the Industrial Production reports on Friday. Lastly, Uncle Sam will also be splashing around in the credit markets next week – conducting a three-part, three- day debt sale for $76 billion of its notes.  Even with the week chock full of economic reports, look for the mortgage market to continuing taking its cues from world events, especially where China and the US are intertwined.


Have a nice weekend and please say thank you to all that have served our nation.


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Will Dukes


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